The 14th International Workshop of
High-Temperature Superconductors
in High Frequency Field
(HTSHFF 2018)

June 5-8, 2018
Takamiya Hotel Rurikura Resort, Zao-Onsen, Yamagata, Japan


  • We will distribute Power Point (or convert it to pdf) to participants later. We contact participants when they are ready. (June 14, 2018)
  • The e-mail accounts of HTSHFF 2018 (htshff2018@... and htshff2018submit@...) will be closed on July 8, 2018. When you contact us, please send an e-mail to Prof. Ohshima, chair of the local committee (see "Contact Us"). (June 14, 2018)
  • The HTSHFF 2018 website will be closed on December 8, 2018. (June 14, 2018)


Dear Colleagues;

We are very pleased to announce the holding of the 14th international workshop of High Temperature Superconductors in High Frequency Fields (HTSHFF 2018). The first workshop was held in Williamsburg (1990), and was followed by meetings in Santa Fe (1992), Cologne (1994), Asilomar (1996), Stockholm (1998), Capri (2000), Cape Cod (2002), Girona (2004), Cardiff (2006), San Diego (2010), Matsushima (2012), Fréjus (2014), San Francisco Bay Area (2016). HTSHFF 2018 will be held between from June 5-8, 2018 in Zao-Onsen (Yamagata, Japan).

HTSHFF 2018 is hosted by Yamagata University and is chaired by Prof. Shigetoshi Ohshima (Yamagata University). The workshop will be held at the beautiful and relaxing Zao-Onsen (hot springs) in Yamagata Prefecture from June 5-8, 2018. In this workshop, scientists, engineers, students and industrial developers gather together to discuss the fundamentals and applications of superconducting high frequency devices and low temperature equipment, as well as share their experiences, new ideas, and research results concerning all aspects of high and low temperature superconductors in high frequency fields. In addition, HTSHFF 2018 invites prominent researchers with achievements in the research and development of superconducting and low temperature equipment, providing a place to exchange information with participants.

Shigetoshi Ohshima


Invited speakers

  • Anlage, Steven M. (Univ. of Maryland, USA)
  • Benz, Samuel P. (NIST, USA)
  • Berkowitz, Stuart (Out of the Fog Research, USA)
  • Booth, James C. (NIST, USA)
  • Brey, William (Florida Univ., USA)
  • Cao, Bisong (Tsinghua Univ., China)
  • Fujimaki, Akira (Nagoya Univ., Japan)
  • Hamilton, Michael C. (Auburn Univ., USA)
  • Hidaka, Mutsuo (AIST, Japan)
  • Kawakami, Akira (NICT, Japan)
  • Lee, Hu-Jong (Pohang Univ., Korea)
  • Lee, Sang-Young (Konkuk Univ., Korea)
  • Leese de Escobar, Anna M. (SPAWAR System Center Pacific, USA)
  • Maeda, Atsutaka (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Maeda, Hideaki (RIKEN, Japan)
  • Mazierska, Janina (James Cook Univ., Australia)
  • Mitsuda, Kazuhisa (JAXA, Japan)
  • Nishijima, Shigehiro (Fukui Univ. of Technology, Japan)
  • Oates, Daniel E. (MIT Lincoln Lab., USA)
  • Sekiya, Naoto (Univ. of Yamanashi, Japan)
  • Ramaswamy, Vijaykumar (Bruker Biospin AG, Switzerland)
  • Silva, Enrico (Roma Tre Univ., Italy)
  • Tachiki, Takashi (National Defense Academy, Japan)
  • Tanaka, Saburo (Toyohashi Univ. of Technology, Japan)
  • Tonouchi, Masayoshi (Osaka Univ., Japan)
  • Tsukada, Keiji (Okayama Univ., Japan)
  • Wei, Bin (Tsinghua Univ., China)
  • Wosik, Jarek (Univ. of Houston, USA)
  • Xi, Xiaoxing (Temple Univ., USA)
  • Yoshikawa, Nobuyuki (Yokohama National Univ., Japan)

Travel Information


Science Committee

  • Ohshima, Shigetoshi (Yamagata Univ., Japan); Chair
  • Anlage, Steven (Univ. of Maryland, USA)
  • Berkowitz, Stuart (Out of the Fog Research, USA)
  • Booth, James (NIST, USA)
  • Crete, Denis (THALES, France)
  • Leese de Escobar, Anna (SPAWAR System Center Pacific, USA)
  • Mansour, Rafaat (Univ. of Waterloo, Canada)
  • Mazierska, Janina (James Cook Univ., Australia)
  • Nisenoff, Marty (Nisenoff Associates, USA)
  • Oates, Daniel (MIT Lincoln Lab., USA)

Local Committee

  • Ohshima, Shigetoshi (Yamagata Univ., Japan); Chair
  • Nakajima, Kensuke (Yamagata Univ., Japan); Co-chair
  • Otani, Chiko (RIKEN, Japan); Co-chair
  • Saito, Atsushi (Yamagata Univ., Japan); Program chair
  • Yamada, Hironobu (Yamagata Univ., Japan); Secretary
  • Kayano, Hiroyuki (Toshiba Corp., Japan)
  • Nishikawa, Kenjiro (Kagoshima Univ., Japan)
  • Sakai, Mitsuhiro (Yamagata Univ., Japan)

Sponsors and Supports


Yamagata University
[English / Japanese]
IEEE Council on Superconductivity
[English / Japanese]
The Technical Group on Superconducting Electronics; The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers


IEEE Council on Superconductivity
Yamagata University
[English / Japanese]
Out of the Fog Research LLC
Intelligent Cosmos Scientific Foundation
[English / Japanese]
The Japan Steel Works Ltd.
[English / Japanese]
K&R Creation Co., Ltd.
JECC Torisha Co., Ltd.
Sonnet Giken Co., Ltd.
[English / Japanese]
Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd.
[English / Japanese]


  • We would like to thank Prof. Tokuro Matsuo (Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan) for his cooperation in creating the HTSHFF 2018 website.

Contact Us

Local Committee

  • Ohshima, Shigetoshi (Yamagata Univ., Japan); Chair